I have spent most of my life as a Zen practioner. I also spent the early years of my young adulthood as a painter working in oils in Los Angeles. When my wife and I started the Zen Center of Hawaii in 1992, I gave up art for Zen. Many years later in 2013, I picked up painting again, only this time using a digital medium instead of oils. I now produce the art work you see here on a Wacom tablet with the help of a software program called Painter from Corel.

This new website that I am putting together in January 2018, represents a new integration for me of zen and creativity. It took 20 years, but finally, I have discovered, to my delight that Zen has saved my art and art has saved me from Zen. 

I invite you to enjoy these paintings and leave comments. I also hope to build an online community of fellow Zen practitioners and artist who share my sensibilities about the world we find ourselves in at the dawning of global age of accelerated technology, increased diversity, increased discrepancies between poverty and wealth and new integral teachings and maps to help us navigate these complex waters. 

Roshi Robert Joshin Althouse, Jan. 20, 2018